Food Waste Dialogues

A series of installations for BASF creators tour

How can we create awareness about food waste in people’s lives?

For the 150th Anniversary of BASF we worked on a series of installations that created spaces for public interaction and social awareness based on the topic of Food Waste.

Making people reflect on their lifestyle.

Within this context we created a story through out three different installations that asked and showed the comparisons between our daily acts and their long term impact not only on our planet but on society.

The first installation visualised sociodemographic insights from the audience identifying patterns and making people reflect on their own behaviours.

The second installation, Brain Patterns, was a digital installation that asked the public questions related to their consumption habits in four areas; planning, buying, cooking, and preserving. These were then transformed into liquid charts that showed the results of each individual and the results as a group on a larger scale.

Understanding consumption patterns.

Encouraging people to change.

Light Tips was an installation that could only be used if you had previously interacted with the Brain Patterns installation. Using your consumption impact report you received personalised tips on how to change and improve your food waste impact.

A tool to make visible the damage we do to earth and give valuable insights in how to change it

During the project we realised about different profiles such as the ones that buy their food in cooperatives and open markets and how their perception of the goods were totally different than the ones that bought their food in the standard supermarkets. The rest of the information is being processed and will be part of the DDS Annual Report.

Other case studies