Unique trainer designs based on emotions

Nike reached out to us to design their new Air Max model. However, realizing the growing emotional connection we sometimes build with our shoes over time, we answered:

Why not let people design their own Air Max trainers based on what they dream of using them for?

The process towards tailor-made trainers

We rethought Nike’s already existing customization tool (NikeID) to ask questions that would result in a unique design for every person, as each answer had a different translation in terms of colors and shape.

After choosing their favourite aesthetic universe, it was all about answering what they imagined themselves living with their future shoes. They’d have to dream of what would they rather use them for: to do, achieve or learn something; the where would they use them in would affect the color of the sole, in permanent contact with the places they spend their time at; the when, symbolizing the deadline that is always running behind all of us, would affect the design of the heels; and the why would affect the style of the laces, symbolizing something they have to do every day.

Materializing the Just do it motto

By changing the standard shopping paradigm we were able to generate data that would enable Nike to connect better with the challenges of the Nike community of wearers. Nike’s Just do it motto materialized into the product itself and in an inspiration to really go for the experiences we envision to live.