Driven by data, guided by stories

Domestic Data Streamers was founded in 2013 with the goal of creating new ways of communicating through data storytelling.

We believe that any important interchange of information between people should always carry emotions and experiences.

A geographical and disciplinary global mindset

We bring people closer to data beyond any language and cultural differences. That’s why we use design, art, science and technology and have such a diversity of disciplines within the team, from anthropologists and psychologists to engineers and designers, from Barcelona, to Hong Kong to US.

We know that the essential ingredients for our work are perseverance, diversity, smart people and passion.

We have worked in more than 17 different countries for a vast variety of organisations and companies.

Lately we have been working in the following cities:

San Francisco

New York




Hong Kong

But our hometown will always be

These are some places where we have spoken, learnt and taught

This is a TED talk about how we understand data:

TEDxBarcelona | June 2015

“Data, art and new ways of

understanding the world”

Watch the talk

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