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Domestic Data Streamers was founded the 28th of September of 2013 with a simple idea: That the world couldn’t be understood without numbers, but it wouldn’t be understood with numbers alone. We believe that any meaningful interchange of information between people needs to carry emotions, experiences to create knowledge or change.

Since then we have had the chance to bring this idea all over the world, from schools to prisons, from churches to corporate headquarters, even in the United Nations General Assembly.

We were born in


but we’ve worked in more than 22 countries

👆🇧🇪  Where we visualized the exponential growth of data on the internet

👆🇺🇸  Where we had one of our most random production set ups… Don’t ask about it.

👆🇪🇸 Where we talked at the Guggenheim about Data Art

👆 🇩🇪  Where we created an exhibition about land, wine and paper.

👆🇳🇱  Where we explored data and mobility through wind

👆🇭🇰  Where between protests and global pandemics we were able to bring an exhibition about the political power of design

👆🇮🇱  Where we started a conversation about the future of the city and its conflicts

👆🇬🇧  Where we worked alongside our friends at TATE in how to re-invent museums on the digital age.

👆🇪🇸 Where we created the first big ethnographic and behavioral research on music festivals in Spain.

👆🇫🇷  Where we participated in the “1,2,3 Data exhibition

👆🇺🇸  Where we brought a time machine to the United Nations General Assembly

👆🇮🇹  Partnering up with Politecnico di Milano teaching on the Master on Service Design

👆🇲🇽  Back in 2015, when we created a data visualization machine using seeds

👆🇶🇦  Where we explored and visualised the perception and impact of technology in schools

👆🇺🇸  Where we visualised the connection between nature and people at the California Academy of Sciences

👆🇮🇹  Where we presented our latest reports on inequality at the Italian parliament

👆🇸🇦  Where we brought a data visualization workshop with desert sand at the first art museum in the country

👆🇨🇦  Where we work with TED and Brightline to visualize the future in politics.

👆🇨🇳  Where we build our first VR reality experience together with SanDisk

👆🇮🇱  Where we spoke at OFFF TLV

👆 🇺🇸  Where we meet the president of the World Bank Organisation and designed an installation to define strategic lines of help and investment.

👆 🇩🇪  In Bonn we let the people feel the world pulse on the SDG.


We combine the ancient power of storytelling with data to create participatory projects that build community and educate, to craft campaigns that communicate, products that truly connect and exhibitions that make people feel and think with more empathy.

Since 2018, we have a Social Impact Division focused on putting all these tools in service of societal challenges such as inequality, radicalization, poverty or the climate crisis. We partner with organizations who are already working in tackling these challenges to help them create a better understanding or raise awareness of the issues, translate complex realities or spread their internal knowledge.

We work to drive change, from our home in Barcelona to global companies and institutions like:

The Data Family

We are the outcasts of our disciplines, a mix of designers, social scientists, engineers and creative technologists that really want to cross borders between fields.

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Content & Research

Curatorship & Content Creation

Communication Strategy

Ethnographic Research

Data Science

Interactive Data Dashboards

Social Listening


Interactive Experiences

Exhibition Design

Product Design & Architecture

UX/UI and Web design

Documentation & Film

Interactive Data Dashboards

Tech Development

Front End Development

AR + VR Development

Native & Unity Development

3D printing & other rapid prototyping tools

Social Impact Capabilities

Development & consultancy in public projects

Awareness-raising campaigns and installations

Participatory dialogue tools for institutions and citizens

Capacity building of communication

Dissemination and visualization of data Reports

Ex-ante and ex-post evaluations


City Award of Barcelona in Design 2016

Silver Laus Award 2014

Gràffica Award 2015

Platinum – A'Design Awards 2014

Kantar Awards 2016 - Best Studio

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2 Hello person from Oklahoma, welcome to the hidden data. We are glad to e-have you here!



3 Hello person from Oklahoma, welcome to the hidden data. We are glad to e-have you here!