A collective exploration on how design tackles the challenges faced by society today at the Design Museum of Barcelona.

Design Does collectively explores how design tackles the challenges faced by society, at times offering improvements and, at others, doing just the opposite. Conceived to transcend the limits of space, time and conventional formats, this project explores the responsibility that lies with design and its impact on industry, people, social systems and cultural values.

An exhibition articulated through 15 questions linked to topical issues and future challenges such as sustainability, connectivity, consumerism, innovation, new materials and disadvantaged groups: Where do things come from? How are we going to feed 10 billion people? Can we live without plastic? How can a material change our lives? Can we design what is not seen?

Design Does* was conceived as a dynamic interaction and experimentation space that promotes dialogue with visitors. It was through a system of real-time data collection and display that visitors could interact with the items and share their sensations, reactions and opinions.

During the 45 days of exhibition, more than 19.172 people registering up to 385.789 interactions about all kinds of things related to what design does and what it should do.

The Design Does Forum, celebrated in the frame of the Design Does project/exhibition between the 4th and the 6th of April, 2018, in Barcelona, was an open space to talk about humans, society, values, technology and, of course, how these topics are going to evolve in the future.

Within the context of the project, we edited a series of books that extended the Design Does* discussion throughout their pages. They were written by 29 design and human sciences experts that gave different insights to the issues that were also reviewed on the exhibition, as well as adding new ones.